Hello Friend!



I'm Kristina


I've been drawing since I could grip a crayon, and telling stories since I could make noises.


When at all possible, I prefer to do both at once.


Making art that is meaningful to me while being meaningful to someone else is all I ever want to do- to share the experience of figuring out our own stories by telling them in pictures.



Rooster Teeth:

  • Character Designer for Action Bots!

  • Storyboard Artist for Death Battle

  • VFX and Lighting artist on RvB: ZERO

  • Animator on Death Battle

  • Animator on gen:LOCK

  • Animator on RWBY vol.7

  • Developed and continue to refine an Unreal Engine pipeline for the Animation department. 


  • Unreal Engine + Premiere + After Effects + Maya + Photoshop + Storyboard Pro

Lets work together! 

I'll get back to you soon!