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You Are Forsaken.

Flawed Design is the last story that occurs in my head world, tying up all the loose ends and bringing it to a close. It's the classic story of a reluctant-hero and a villain obsessed with purifying the world and forcing the fabled "paradise" to finally occur. 

Flawed design




Pack was a game I started concepting and making models for after college. The idea was to explore the process of making a game and discover what part I really enjoyed. 


Action Bots was a pilot episode created by Torrian Crawford to see just what we could do with Unreal Engine! It's a fun upbeat and colorful show with loveable robot characters that act as super-siblings while they grow and learn together.

Because the budget was small, the character designs had to have minimal design differences, we settled on them having different widow-peaks!

action bots2.PNG

Action bots


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