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Flawed design

You Are Forsaken.

Flawed Design is the last story that occurs in my head world, tying up all the loose ends and bringing it to a close. It's the classic story of a reluctant-hero and a villain obsessed with purifying the world and forcing the fabled "paradise" to finally occur. 

There's an old tale that has been passed from generation to generation. A story that each child listens to as hope fills their hearts. A tale of the promised paradise. We sat in wonder as the elders told us the promise of a land full of life, where pain didn't exist, death was a myth, and troubles were but a distant memory. 

A soft lie hiding bitter truth.

Years we have waited, singing the songs of what's to come. All that was good in the world has disappeared, all hope has fled. I've seen an unspeakable evil cross this land. I've seen how futile the attacks against it are, and more importantly what it has cost us. That so-called paradise is gone, along with the one who promised it to us.  It has been a lifetime since he cared.  

He promised us Paradise, we exist in Hell.



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Pack was a game I started concepting and making models for after college. The idea was to explore the process of making a game and discover what part I really enjoyed. 

The game has you begin as one of three factions of wolf, each with varying strengths and weaknesses. Your goal is to build a pack, how you do it is up to you. Either befriend the other packs around you through interactions, short questlines, or even gifts or use a more chaotic approach and force wolves into submission to join you. Dens could either be attacked while you are gone, or given gifts. The decision lies mainly with you.

Quests and achievements would allow the player to customize their wolves to their liking. Depending on your chaos level the three gods of the game may even grant you abilities to further better your cause. 

Each wolf that is recruited into your pack has its own set of stats, allowing the player to pick and choose who to take with them from the Den sites with purpose. Hunting together with your pack would allow you to play in both 3rd person and "god" mode, where you enter a birds-eye view state and can section off members of your choosing to go different routes and cut off your prey.  


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